Acasta’s name is derived from Acasta Gneisses, one of the oldest known rocks on Earth found in Northern Canada. It represents a foundation of strength and durability.


Acasta is an investment firm focused on acquiring businesses with exceptional potential for long-term value creation through strategic and operational initiatives. We are proactive private equity investors that work closely with management teams, empowering them to grow their businesses and build market leaders.

Our Partners, together with our Founders and Board of Directors, have exceptional business track records and relationships across many industries, providing Acasta with proprietary deal flow and unique insights into each investment opportunity.

Acasta was formed in 2015 after raising over $400 million on the Toronto Stock Exchange as a special purpose acquisition company – the largest of its kind in Canadian history. Our initial investments included the acquisitions of Apollo Health & Beauty Care, JemPak, and The Stellwagen Group, each of which were non-marketed, proprietary deals with a combined enterprise value of $1.2 billion. These businesses form the foundation of our two initial investment platforms: private label consumer products and aviation finance and asset management.

We will pursue additional investment opportunities in our pipeline directly, with co-investors, or through a series of long-term private equity funds.