Our team, including our Partners, Advisors and Board of Directors, and the relationships that we foster are what sets us apart.

Investment Approach

Our objective is to deliver outstanding risk-adjusted returns to our investors. We do this by acquiring companies that are fundamentally sound and applying our operating and investment philosophy to create substantial value.

We utilize our collective business experience and deep network of relationships that span across major corporations, family business owners, entrepreneurs, governments, financial sponsors, and advisors, to identify attractive, proprietary investment opportunities that are not easily recognizable.

We ensure strong alignment with leading management teams who oversee our companies and work closely with them to implement strategic and operational initiatives that are informed by our team’s history of leadership and growth at several successful businesses.

We are theme-driven investors, rather than industry focused. Collectively, our experience and relationships make us a compelling investment partner, particularly for (i) founder-led businesses, (ii) carve-outs of non-core assets, (iii) platforms well-positioned for industry consolidation, (iv) growth-oriented businesses, and (v) business optimization opportunities.