Acasta is a leading Canadian public company that acquires businesses with exceptional potential for value creation through strategic and transformational initiatives. Acasta is a proactive private equity manager that works closely with the senior management teams of the acquired businesses, empowering them to pursue value creating trajectories.

Having raised $402.5 million in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2015, Acasta has completed the acquisition of three businesses which form the basis of two investment platforms: private label consumer staples and aviation finance and asset management. Each company was selected for its outstanding management team, its strategically differentiated business and its value creation potential.

Having established the private label consumer staples and aviation finance and asset management platforms, Acasta pursues additional investment opportunities in its pipeline directly or through a series of multi-billion dollar long-term private equity funds, the first of which management plans to launch in 2017. A unique feature that Acasta offers is that it enables vendors both the flexibility and attractiveness of private capital through its private equity fund, and liquid public capital through Acasta equity, allowing it to pursue a variety of transaction alternatives.

As a private equity fund manager, Acasta generates both management fees and carried interest income for Acasta shareholders which in time will create substantial incremental shareholder value.

Building a leading Private Equity firm

Acasta’s strategy is to partner with the management of acquired businesses, fostering their development. As a proactive private equity manager, Acasta will empower its portfolio company management teams through strategic initiatives and capital raising. We work with management on strategic acquisitions, vertical and horizontal integration, improving operating efficiencies, and on enhancing governance.

The Founders of Acasta, its Directors and Advisors, have exceptional business track records and connections across many industries, providing Acasta with exceptional relationships, unique and proprietary deal flow and insight. Acasta negotiated its three initial acquisitions in non-marketed and private processes.

We are confident that building on our initial portfolio of businesses, coupled with our private equity strategy, will generate huge value for our shareholders for many years to come.


Acasta Enterprises

Creating value by empowering the management teams of portfolio companies through strategic initiatives, and raising/allocating capital. Acasta Enterprises also serves as the manager of Acasta’s private equity business.

Private label consumer staples

Two leading companies spanning health and beauty care, cleaning, and chemicals with substantial potential synergy and consolidation opportunities.

Aviation finance & asset management

A leading cross-functional group of companies in a rapidly-growing sector. They provide asset management, technical management, fleet and capital financing solutions to the rapidly growing global aviation industry and its investors.

Private Equity

The establishment of a long-term focused private equity model is a core part of Acasta's strategy. We are uniquely positioned to execute on strategy and vision.

Consumer Products

Apollo is one of the largest private label personal care manufacturers in North America. Supported by industry leading research and development, Apollo's premium private label health and beauty care products deliver value-added retail branded alternatives as well as custom product solutions for global retailers.


Richard WachsbergCo-CEO Charles WachsbergCo-CEO

JemPak manufactures and distributes store brand laundry and dish cleaning products for a full range of retail stores. By heavily investing in R&D, JemPak has been able to establish relationships with some of North America's largest retailers. In mid-2011, the current management team executed a turnaround resulting in growth, efficiencies and a foundation for future success.


Steve MillerPresident

Aviation Finance &
Asset Management

Stellwagen is a fully-integrated provider of asset management, technical management and fleet and capital financing solutions to the global aviation industry and its investors. Stellwagen was formed in 2013 to fill a gap in the aviation finance market following the financial crisis. Since then, Stellwagen has also expanded into aircraft servicing and investment management.


The Founders of Acasta, its Directors and Advisors, have exceptional business track records and are among some of the most pre-eminent business leaders in North America. This provides Acasta with outstanding deal flow and insight. They are instrumental in sourcing and reviewing acquisition opportunities, many of which are generated by their extensive networks. Acasta's Board of Directors and Advisors have made substantial personal investments and will remain significant shareholders within Acasta.